21 April 2005

Mini Review - Norton Internet Security

Success! NIS and NAV 2003 are out and 2005 is installed.

However, after the agony of installing NIS 2005, I almost regret the upgrade. Since I already have spam controls, that feature is redundant. And who on earth wants those Parental Controls? Parents, I guess. But most of them probably have AOL accounts.

Also irritating is the inability to schedule routine virus scans. Once every two weeks is no where near often enough.

Then to top it off, NIS doesn't play well with gmails POP features. Very inconvenient.

I almost switched to Trend Micro this year. Next year will be the clincher unless Symantec improves a great deal between now and then.

On the positive side, Symantec still has the best documentation in the business. You don't have to be a geek to use their knowledge base. And the lovely support people in India try very hard to be helpful.