15 January 2006

What Are Aerosols?

"Aerosols tend to cause cooling of the Earth's surface by reflecting the Sun's light back into space"

Read the full article by Mary Hardin and Ralph Kahn at Earth Observatory's Library.

Plants revealed as methane source

"Scientists in Germany have discovered that ordinary plants produce significant amounts of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which helps trap the sun's energy in the atmosphere."

Read the full story by Tim Hirsch at: BBC NEWS

10 January 2006

The Bureaucrat in Your Shower by Jeffrey Tucker

The Department of Energy may soon be paying a visit to a certain shower-head manufacturer in Arizona. The company is Zoe Industries Manufacturing. It runs Showerbuddy.com, a popular site that sells amazing equipment for bathrooms.

Consumers love the company but one man doesn't."

Read the full story by Jeffrey Tucker at Mises Institute