24 December 2005

The War on Christmas, the Prequel

When the holiday was banned.

Complaining about Christmas is one of the most enduring of Christmas traditions. It's not so much the holiday itself that bothers us. It's the way other people insist on celebrating it.

Liberal plots notwithstanding, the Americans who succeeded in banning the holiday were the Puritans of 17th-century Massachusetts.

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What Extremists on the LEFT and RIGHT Have in Common

What all extremists have in common is the way they came by their ideology: via emotion. My thesis is that all extremists start with hot emotion, and add the cool rationale later.

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13 December 2005

US-CERT Cyber Security Alert SA05-347A -- Microsoft Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

You guessed it! M$ has done it again -- more security problems...

Systems Affected

* Microsoft Windows
* Microsoft Internet Explorer

For more complete information, refer to the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for December 2005.


Microsoft has released updates that address critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.


Apply Updates
Microsoft has released security updates for Internet Explorer. To obtain the updates, visit the Microsoft Update web site. US-CERT also recommends enabling Automatic Updates.

Disable ActiveX
Instructions for disabling ActiveX controls in the Internet Zone can be found in the Malicious Web Scripts FAQ.

Do not follow unsolicited links
Do not click on unsolicited URLs received in email, instant messages, web forums, or internet relay chat (IRC) channels.

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09 December 2005

Unpatched Firefox 1.5 exploit made public

Exploit code for the latest version of open-source browser Firefox was published Wednesday, potentially putting users at risk of a denial-of-service attack.

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