28 August 2004

Voncile and her computer return...

Most people would travel away from a storm... not us! We had to take the cat for his knee surgery post op visit. And I promised to help Voncile with her computer and to get her new ISP online.

Charley had other plans. Yes, that Charley -- the hurricane. We lost power about 11 pm Friday, right after an electical surge that sent the APC Back Ups into high squeals.

So poor Voncile has been begging computer time from all the relatives for the past two weeks, just trying to keep her nose above email. Tomorrow she gets to dive in and really swim through it. I finally have everything working properly for her.

Oh, before heading over here this morning, Melody called. She wanted me to come over and fix her computer (she deleted something vital and can't figure out how to get it back). Poor Melody... I had to tell her that the line forms at the rear...


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