17 February 2005

Pet Peeves #1 - Yahoo! or MYWAY - Too much or not enough

I know Yahoo! is extremely popular and is used by millions, myself included. But I hate it when I receive a Yahoo! artlice in my email because one that should take 3KB has so many ads and other junk added, that it can easily run up to 40K. I don't need the images and stock quotes with every email from Yahoo!

Then there is MYWAY which errs on the side of brevity. Every article sent from MYWAY has the same Subject: "Look what I found at MYWAY.com!" When the message is opened only a link appears. And possibly a cryptic comment which tells you absolutely nothing about what is in the article.

I guess I have the Goldilocks complex. I don't want too much. I don't want too little. I want the subject and email to be JUST RIGHT. An identifiable subject and a short email...

I think that's reasonable.

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